Versace Bright Crystal Perfume Ad: Lily James Shines

Lily James Versace Bright Crystal Perfume Ad
Lily James stars in the Versace Bright Crystal perfume advertising campaign. Photo: Mert & Marcus

Versace’s latest campaign for its iconic Bright Crystal perfume features the captivating Lily James as its face. The advertisement showcases the essence of contemporary glamour in the world of fragrances. The British actress, renowned for her elegant poise and screen presence, wears a glittering pink dress, reflecting the vibrant and feminine spirit of the scent.

Photographed through the lens of the creative duo Mert & Marcus, showcases James with an oversized replica of the perfume bottle, emphasizing the grandeur and allure of the fragrance. The blonde star previously fronted Versace’s fall 2022 ready-to-wear advertisements.

Versace Bright Crystal Perfume Campaign

Versace Bright Crystal Perfume Bottle
A look at Versace’s Bright Crystal eau de toilette bottle. Photo: Versace

The Versace Bright Crystal, a fragrance that first graced the olfactory world in 2006, stands as an ode Italian designer brand’s mastery in creating scents that resonate with modern times.

The eau de toilette unfurls a refreshing bouquet of floral and fruity notes, beginning with a lively blend of Yuzu and pomegranate, complemented by an iced accord that adds a crisp, invigorating layer.

As the scent develops, it reveals a heart of delicate peony, magnolia, and lotus flower, crafting a harmonious balance of softness and strength. The base notes, featuring acajou, vegetal amber, and musk, lend a subtle yet profound depth, anchoring the fragrance in a sensually woody embrace.

The Versace Bright Crystal perfume bottle design is as exquisite as the fragrance itself. Its soft translucent pink hue and rounded base tapering towards the top are a tribute to the elegance and grace of its wearer.

The cap, reminiscent of a large, faceted crystal, adds a touch of luxury, mirroring Versace’s dedication to beauty. Available in various sizes, with prices ranging from $65 to $145, Bright Crystal continues to captivate and charm fragrance enthusiasts.

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