The Scoop on the TikTok Fashion Trend

If comfort is your priority in fashion, the trends have shifted your way. Get ready to embrace cozy girl style, an aesthetic that welcomes layers, luxe fabrics, and relaxed fits. 

Read on to learn all about the cozy girl trend, how to style it, and the essential pieces for the cold months ahead. Special thanks to the fashion experts at Boohoo for sharing their research and insights on the trend. 

Cozy girl aesthetic defined 

What’s cozy girl style? In some ways, it’s whatever you want it to be. The cozy girl trend is about wearing what’s comfortable and feels good.

But this is more than a fashion trend. Cozy girl spreads its influence into lifestyle, too. Like the vanilla girl and clean girl trends, cozy’s chic and relaxed aesthetic goes hand in hand with clean living, personal care, wellness, and mindfulness.

How to: cozy girl style.How to: cozy girl style.
Source: Envato.

Cozy girl has its roots in Gen Z, but we older ladies can jump on the bandwagon too. Scratch that — we older ladies should jump on the bandwagon. After all, some of us grew up thinking that certain shoes are worth getting blisters for. Or that it’s perfectly okay to buy jeans that are too small because we can always starve ourselves to lose 5 pounds. 

When you think about it, we deserve cozy girl style. Not that anyone must earn the right to be comfortable, but we’ve suffered under the “no pain, no gain” outlook for too long. So I say, bring on the oversized knits, comfy leggings, coordinating loungewear sets, sneakers, and Uggs.

So this is a Gen Z trend and I’m well outside that generation — but I’ll happily wear a cozy outfit, sip a matcha tea, and meditate on becoming my best self. 

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Key cozy pieces 

Relaxed and oversized silhouettes reign supreme in the cozy girl era. The same is true for neutral tones and plush fabrics like cashmere, fleece, and wool. To generalize, this trend leans on outfits and pieces that are soothing — as easy on the body as they are on the eyes.

Key pieces to add to your shopping list, according to Boohoo, include: 

  • Chunky knit sweaters. Knitwear is huge right now, if Pinterest search trends are any indication (and they are).
  • Oversized cardigans. The right cardigan functions like a stylish blanket that you can wear outside. 
  • Tracksuits. Matching sets are perfect for the cozy, but also sporty lifestyle. 
  • Sweatpants and joggers. Yes, old-school sweatpants are back. 
  • Wide-legged pants. It was only a matter of time before the anti-skinny pant start trending. 
  • Slip-on shoes. Look for fleece or fuzzy linings. 
  • Sneakers. Fashion sneaks are always in style, so this is a purchase you won’t regret. 
  • Boots. You need something to wear over your leggings on a cold day, right? Uggs or slouchy boots fit the bill. 
  • Beanies or bucket hats, depending on the climate near you. 

Plush and cozy winter outfit ideas 

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The biggest risk you take in implementing cozy-girl style is losing your shape beneath baggy garments. Remember these tips to keep your look polished and pulled-together: 

  • Strive for balance: Include one fitted piece in your looks to offset oversized fits. You might, for example, pair a long, cowl-neck sweater with leggings. Or wear a structured denim jacket or faux leather shacket as outerwear. A French tuck that defines your waistline is also on-point. 
  • Accessorize: A simple but striking piece of jewelry can easily elevate an outfit. Consider a cuff bracelet over your sweater sleeve or a pretty scarf at your neck. 
  • Show some skin: Try an off-shoulder top or a cropped sweater. A hint of skin, if the weather allows it, is a powerful accent to a relaxed outfit. 
  • Dabble in monochrome: Layering neutrals is very much within the cozy wheelhouse. You don’t have to be exact about your color-matching or rigid in your definition of neutrals, either. Try building an outfit out of similar pastel blues or soft greys, for example. 

So let’s pull this all together. Here are four warm and comfortable — and trendy — outfits to inspire your personal style this winter. 

1. Crop sweater with cargo pants 

Model wears cargo pants and sweater. Model wears cargo pants and sweater.
Source: Forever 21.

This everyday look is courtesy of Forever 21 which has an entire “cozy” section on its website. The shorter, patterned knit top balances the wide-legged cargos perfectly. Running errands never looked so good. 

Shop the look here.

2. V-neck tunic and midi skirt 

Model wears v-neck top with midi skirt and holds jacket. Model wears v-neck top with midi skirt and holds jacket.
Source: Anthropologie.

Anthropologie gives us a cozy look that’s upscale enough to take you to dinner and movie with someone special. You could optionally add some glam jewelry for extra sparkle. Or, skip the jewelry and make dinner at home, followed by some lounging and snuggling. Whatever you do, enjoy those seriously comfy vibes (while looking amazing).

Shop the look here.

3.Cable knit and trouser 

Model wears oversized cardigan with checked pants as an example of cozy girl style.Model wears oversized cardigan with checked pants as an example of cozy girl style.
Source: Anthropologie.

Lulus’ wine cable knit cardigan and checked, straight-leg trouser is the work outfit we all want to wear. And yes, you might want to add a cami underneath that cardi, but this combination proves that the cozy girl lifestyle isn’t solely for those working from home.

Shop the look here

4. Sweatpant separates 

Model wears coordinating sweatpants separates. Model wears coordinating sweatpants separates.
Source: H&M.

A set of coordinating sweats might be the coziest of outfits. This one from H&M works because the top piece is cropped and the bottoms are high-waisted — a flattering combo that’s anything but sloppy.

Shop the look here

Cozy style inspiration 

For more inspiration, Boohoo’s fashion team recommends tuning into 1990s television and film. When Harry Met Sally and TV shows Gilmore Girls and Friends are good starting points. 

Nostalgia plays a big part in the ‘cozy girl’ aesthetic, as classic watches like Gilmore Girls evoke the same sense of comfort and ease that the style seeks to achieve. 

Fashion experts at Boohoo

Adding cozy to your personal sense of style 

This is one TikTok trend I’m rooting for. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, my own sartorial sense has been trending in this direction anyway. And it’s nice to know that comfortable and trendy don’t have to be mutually exclusive. 

Also, this is a trend that’s easy to make your own — no stylist required. The main thing is to prioritize feeling comfortable, which should come naturally. And chances are, your favorite brands have plenty of soft fabrics and loose-fitting silhouettes you can mix and match with pieces you already own. 

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