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The high demand for the Yeezy x adidas slides has given rise to a market flooded with counterfeits. To avoid falling victim to knockoffs, it’s crucial to be armed with knowledge on how to spot fake Yeezy x adidas slides. In this detailed guide, we will dissect key features and methods to help you distinguish genuine Yeezy slides from their imitations.

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10 Steps to Spot Fake Yeezy x adidas Slides

Teeth-Like Soles

One of the distinctive features of authentic Yeezy x adidas slides is the sharp teeth-like pattern on the soles. Genuine Yeezy slides boast a unique, jagged design that imitators struggle to replicate accurately. Examine the sole carefully, paying attention to the depth and precision of the teeth-like pattern.

Wide Toe Box

Yeezy x adidas slides are renowned for their comfortable fit, characterized by a wide and rounded toe box. Counterfeit versions often miss this detail, resulting in a narrower or differently shaped toe box. Check the width and curvature of the toe area to ensure it aligns with the genuine design.

Smooth Texture with Flawless Finish

Yeezy x adidas slides are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing a smooth texture and flawless finish. Forged versions may exhibit imperfections, rough edges, or uneven surfaces. Run your fingers along the slides, scrutinizing the quality of the material and finish to identify any irregularities.

Rigid with Little Flexibility

Real Yeezy x adidas slides strike a balance between rigidness and flexibility. Imitations may feel excessively rigid or lack the structured support characteristic of genuine pairs. When you spot fake Yeezy x adidas slides, bend and flex the slides gently to gauge their responsiveness — original ones should exhibit moderate flexibility.

Deeply Engraved adidas Logo

Inspect the adidas logo on the footbed of the slides. Bonafide pairs feature a deeply engraved and well-defined adidas stripe logo. Fake Yeezy x adidas slides often showcase a shallow or poorly executed logo, with noticeable differences in the depth of the engraving.

Details Inside the Shoe Strap

Turn your attention to the inside of the shoe strap, where three engraved logos are a hallmark of genuine Yeezy slides. The slides should contain “Yeezy x adidas”, “MADE IN CHINA”, and a size engraving. For all three elements, the lettering should be precisely engraved, with a font that appears 3-D in nature. Knockoffs may falter in replicating the precision and depth or may also miss mentioning the size. Carefully examine each engraving to ensure they align with the actual design.

Font on the Size Tag

Check the size tag on the slides for the font style and symmetry. Authentic Yeezy x adidas slides exhibit a bold and symmetrical font, with clear legibility. Counterfeit pairs may feature inconsistent font styles, spacing issues, or faint lettering. Pay close attention to these details to spot potential fakes.

Details of the Packaging

When you spot fake Yeezy x adidas slides, look for printing, color accuracy, and overall build of the box. Real Yeezy x adidas slides feature a sturdy box with a high-quality finish. The logo and branding should be crisp, with no signs of smudging or misalignment.

  • Enter the SKU Number on a Search Engine

All Yeezy x adidas slides come with a unique SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number. It’s usually 8 to 10 characters long and situated right above the barcode. Use a search engine to look up the SKU number and cross-verify the details. The model, size, and colorway on the box barcode should match your Yeezy x adidas slides with the ones on the search engines. If the SKU doesn’t match the official records, it’s a red flag indicating a possible fake.

  • Examine the Box with a UV Light:

Counterfeit detection can extend beyond the visible spectrum. Shine a UV light on the Yeezy x adidas packaging box to reveal hidden features like excess liquid/glue stains or UV-reactive elements. Authentic boxes may have unique markings that are challenging for counterfeiters to reproduce.

  • Inspect the quality of the box

Your Yeezy x adidas slides should arrive in a smooth box. Due to low-quality cardboard, most inauthentic Yeezy x adidas boxes are unable to withstand the shipping and handling procedure. Fake boxes are usually thinner and grainier in texture.

Check the Heel Height

Copy Yeezy slides often deviate from the authentic heel height. Measure the height of the heel and compare it to official specifications from the official website. Discrepancies, even subtle ones, can be indicative of a mock pair.

Consider the Price and Source

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Authentic Yeezy x adidas slides come at a premium price because of their high quality, and suspiciously low prices should raise alarms. Purchase from the official adidas website, reputable retailers, and authorized sellers such as The Luxury Closet to minimize the risk of ending up with fake merchandise.

As the demand for Yeezy x adidas slides continues, so does the prevalence of fake counterparts. Armed with the knowledge from this comprehensive guide, you can confidently navigate the market, distinguishing between authentic Yeezy x adidas slides and their imitation counterparts. By scrutinizing the key features mentioned above, you can ensure that the Yeezy x adidas slides you acquire are the real deal.

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